7 Characteristics of Debt-Free Individuals

7 Characteristics of Debt-Free Individuals

1) They Do Not Follow the Norm
– In today’s society, society tells us we need to always have a car payment, we need to have multiple credit cards, and we need to have a student loan that ca never be paid off. People that are debt-free do not give in to society’s norm. Some live without credit cards. Some don’t have car payments. If there’s a debt, they get rid of it. It’s that simple.

2) They Have Self Control
– The difference between adults and children are: adults will be able to walk right into a clothing store without purchasing a single item. Whereas children, will buy something to make themselves feel better. But that does not erase any of their problems. In fact, it adds to their problems. They will still be in debt. Self control will prove to be way stronger when you are standing there debt free.

3) They are Poised
– People that are confident in what they drive even if it is an older vehicle, has definitely stuck to their money plan and is proving a point. They don’t need to buy the most expensive things or go on glamorous vacations just to take a photo to post on social media. They realize what reality means to them and what is realistic for them to afford.

4) They are Motivated and Goal Driven
– People that are debt free have goals that they keep in mind each and every day. They set goals that are exact, computable, attainable, pertinent, and have an expiration date. They decide whether or not to go forward with the goals they set for themselves and choose what is more likely.

5) They are like Gazelles
– This meaning simply tells us that we are so fed up with the debt we have incurred, we run as fast as we can to get away from it. Which means, we try to save money any way possible. Whether it be clipping coupons, looking for sales, or even have a side job at hand. Any way to squeeze a few extra dollars is worth every bit.

6) Debt Free People Are Not Materialistic
– We all know the phrase, Money can’t buy Happiness. This proves to be 1000% true. Materialistic people are too worried about having the nicest car, the biggest house, expensive vacations, and will always be in debt. Non-materialistic people have become content with what they have because they know that money can’t buy happiness. They are extremely happy living a life they can afford.

7) Willing to Make Sacrifices When Needed
– Instead of eating out or going to the movies, people that are serious about being debt free won’t fall into these traps. They will make sacrifices to stay home and have dinner and a movie. Budget cuts are not forever. It’s just a temporary thing. Once the debt is paid off, there is more room to splurge on the things you love to do!

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